Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Potato

I was so proud of my daughters. They have all spent the last months/weeks training for the Great Potato half marathon, and they all did it! They looked so cute in their matching pink shirts. We all woke up early Saturday and I dropped them off at the start line. Its so fun to see the masses of people anxious to run. I watched them start and jumped in the car to cheer them along the way. I stopped at mile 3 and they all looked great! We went further down to mile 6 and were so excited to see them all with big smiles. The bright neon shirts were so much fun! I went with some friends and family to the finish line and had so much fun cheering and cheering on friends and my girls!

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Heather Davis said...

this was so much fun!! love all the pictures... go pink team!