Monday, June 22, 2009


For girls camp this year we decided to Tye Dye T-shirts. We had a fun busy Wednesday night activity and the girls each got to color thier own shirt. I think they all turned out so cute!
We managed to get by almost stain free....Michaela was our worst victim with one solid pink hand and one solid orange hand. Many Many washes later she has restored her little hands to their origianl color!


Thanks everyone who helped out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got to go up to Sun Valley to visit Allyson for the weekend! She has been living in Hailey since January and I decided it was long past due for a visit. It was so gorgeous... rainy, but we still managed to have an awesome time :)
We walked around some shops and had an AMAZING breakfast!

and SUPRISE! Krystin and Sarie drove up from rexburg to meet us! It was really good to see them.

It made me want to ski SO bad. The mountain looks funny without snow, but our hike was so pretty, sadly it was cut a little bit short due to lightning, but we still had a few minutes to get some quick pictures!

So ally is and Krystin are training to run in the Seattle Half and Full Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so amazed at how determined and how hard they are working. With this new hobby, the Bateman family has invested in some asics. It was funny to see such a large pile of shoes, all the same kind. While we were there ally had her TWENTY MILER. wow. and she ROCKED it. Krystin put in her fare share of miles as well. The path she gets to run while she lives up there is incredible! Its awesome because its so distracting while you run, to look around at the amazing views.

Karalee Bateman Krystin Bateman. What a good place.

thanks ally for the fun weekend! we miss you :)

Iron Man 70.3

Last Saturday we had the chance to go downtown and watch the Iron man 70.3. It was a lot of fun. The weather was not anywhere near what people hoped, nonstop rain! It poured all morning. Still the streets of BODO were lined with friends, family and people of Boise to cheer on these incredible athletes. We were able to watch them transition from biking to running and then move down the street to watch the finish.

These first two men sprinted past the finish line. Their time was amazing, ending with 5 minute miles!

We all tried to stay under the umbrellas... but some how when we left we wereall still soaking wet!

The athletes would come rushing in on their bikes, find their number and park them. They would grab their bag and switch into their running shoes, in soaking wet soaks! It was amazing to watch.