Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Potato

I was so proud of my daughters. They have all spent the last months/weeks training for the Great Potato half marathon, and they all did it! They looked so cute in their matching pink shirts. We all woke up early Saturday and I dropped them off at the start line. Its so fun to see the masses of people anxious to run. I watched them start and jumped in the car to cheer them along the way. I stopped at mile 3 and they all looked great! We went further down to mile 6 and were so excited to see them all with big smiles. The bright neon shirts were so much fun! I went with some friends and family to the finish line and had so much fun cheering and cheering on friends and my girls!


For our 30th Wedding anniversary Wade and I went on a trip of a lifetime!!! We had such an incredible time together. We flew into Switzerland, saw wades old mission area, drove through the Alps, stopped in villages along the way, took a train down through Italy, went on a gondolla ride in Venice, and spent time in Rome where we boarded our cruise ship!! We spent 9 days traveling through different countries, Italy, France, Croatia and Spain. We have so many stories to share and countless numbers of pictures to come!! I hope I get to post about it all soon.

Krystins Graduation

We had such a good weekend visiting Rexburg for Kyrstin's college graduation!! The new center was so beautiful and the ceremony was perfect! It was so much fun to have our whole family together, Lily adds so much happiness and the weekend was amazing! We were so proud of Krystin and all her hard work, she has put hours and years into this education and it has all paid off! She has accepted a job up in Anchorage Alaska. Though its going to be so far away (sometimes I don't think I can let her go!) We are so proud of her, her education and the accomplishments she has made. Here are just some fun pictures from the weekend!


Her Dad is so proud, 3 daughters down , 2 to go with a college degree!

ACCOUNTING!! She is amazing with numbers.

Wade and I loved having all 5 of our girls there together!!

We are SO proud of you Krystin!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lily Jane

Our grandaughter is 9 months old!!! She has been so much fun, here are just a few pictures from our time with her lately.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December Fun

We love our Lily Angel. Wade and I LOVE being grandparents to this perfect little girl.

Allys Birthday!Christmas time!
Wade playing Hockey
Girls all home for the holiday season!

Saturday, October 30, 2010